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Based in Sausalito, California - Krissy Givas comes from a long line of creatives and tried her hand in various mediums over the years. She’s found a greater purpose with her current work that’s influenced by her experience in matchmaking + love of the outdoors  creating fun  and even mystical pieces. 


After over a decade of connecting love partnerships, while re-embracing hiking through the pandemic - finding heart shaped rocks from the mountains and the sea became unavoidable. Much like seeing the connection between human hearts, she combines these puzzle pieces into sculptures and jewelry in her own logical fashion.


Every piece is naturally one of a kind, often collected and created with the recipient in mind and/or towards a desired manifestation. Infused with Mother Nature’s energy and Krissy’s own magnetism - her pieces aid in relationships, career advancement and more. Most are sourced from the beaches and hills of Sausalito, with a growing collection from her family's homeland of Greece.


LoveRocks are joyful reminders to pay attention to the beauty of everything around us and  there’s no such thing as perfect - especially when it comes to love.

"The question is not what you look at, but what you see" - Henry David Thoreau

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